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First and foremost film music should enhance the storytelling and serve the picture. Besides this, it's always fun and exciting to create a unique world of sound for every project I do. Music is about telling a story with sound. I believe good film music should be serviceable, simple, understandable and memorable all at the same time.


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Jeffrey van Rossum - compose

Experienced, dependable, and driven by a strong work ethic, Dutch film composer Jeffrey van Rossum is committed to crafting scores that captivate not just audiences, but also directors, producers, and himself. He dislikes the Dutch mentality of aiming for a six, embracing instead a tireless dedication to extracting the utmost from his music in combination with film. 

After graduating with honors at the Utrecht School of Arts in 2010, Jeffrey entered several film music competitions in Poland. He won the Transatlantyk Young Talent Award in 2016 (with jury members Daniel Pemberton and Oscar winning composer Jan A. P. Kaczmarek). Jeffrey also won the 3rd prize at the much acclaimed FMF in 2019, confirming his talent for scoring music to picture. 


Throughout his career, Jeffrey has lent his musical talent to notable projects, including working on two seasons of the TV series "Soof". 2021 was the Covid year Jeffrey worked with Oscar nominated director Hany Abu-Assad. After a pleasant collaboration he delivered a minimal score to Hany’s film "Huda’s Salon". In 2022, Jeffrey contributed to the success of one of the most celebrated films of recent years, "De Tatta's," attracting an impressive 700,000 visitors to cinemas and earning the title of the most visited film of 2023. The sequel 'De Tatta's 2' was a big hit too with 500,000 visitors. Additionally, Jeffrey has lent his talents to the global stage, assisting Chinese composer Nancy Li as a co-composer and arranger for three Chinese films since 2021. Upcoming releases on Jeffrey's horizon include the romantic comedy 'De Mannenmaker', 'De Tatta's De Serie' for Amazon Prime and a childrens film at the end of 2024.


Beyond his work in film scoring, Jeffrey works for Reliable Source Music and BMG as a production music composer. His music has been used in TV shows and streamers all over Europe, including RTL4, SBS6, RTL (Germany), Fox Network and BBC 1 and 2. 

Jeffrey's musical palette is rich and diverse, encompassing genres like pop, jazz, classical, and film music. This breadth of influence is evident in his work, where a profound love for the orchestra coexists with an appreciation for smaller ensembles and rare acoustical instruments. For Jeffrey, the art of finding the perfect blend of sounds and instruments is the foundation of every score.

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