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First and foremost film music should enhance the storytelling and serve the picture. Besides this, it's always fun and exciting to create a unique world of sound for every project I do. Music is about telling a story with sound. I've sampled typewriters and telephones for The Columnist, a film about a columnist who's being threatened on social media. In Soof I’ve used lot’s of kitchen percussion (as Soof is a cook). I believe good film music should be serviceable, simple, understandable and memorable all at the same time.

production companies I've worked with

NL Film


Millstreet Films


Bing Film & TV

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I'm Jeffrey van Rossum, a film composer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. My main instrument is the piano. I love writing with acoustical instruments, whether it's a solo guitar or full orchestra; in my opinion acoustical instruments evoke deep emotions. The work I do is mostly created "in the box", or with the computer. Although whenever possible (even on small budgets) I try to bring in musicians to make the music come to live.

Career Highlights

  • 2021 Composer Huda's Salon (Film)

  • 2020 Composer De Kuthoer (Film)

  • 2019 3rd Place FMF Young Talent Award

  • 2017-2018 Composer Soof (TV series)

  • 2016 Winner of the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition

  • 2010 Graduated as a Master of Arts

  • 2008 Internship at Jeff Rona in LA

Jeffrey van Rossum - compose

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