Jeffrey van Rossum composer

De Kuthoer
Feature Film
House of No Limits
YouTube Film
Kapsalon Romy
Feature Film | Additional Music
Short Film
Soof Seizoen 2
TV Series
Soof Seizoen 1
TV Series
Nieuwe Buren Seizoen 3
TV Series | Additional Music
Gewoon Vrienden
Feature Film | Additional Music
Notre Frère Fabian
Short Film
Short Film
Dubbel D
Short Film
Achter de Horizon
De Liede is Alles
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Jeffrey van Rossum is a film composer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Music is about telling a story with sound. Every story, whether it's a commercial or a 10 episode TV series needs it's own world of sound. That's why I've sampled typewriters, telephone sounds and sinister laughs in De Kuthoer. A film about a columnist who's being threatened on social media and seeks revenge. I've used kitchenware as percussion in Soof, where the main character is a cook. I love themes and melodies. Stories should be memorable, music should be memorable. I love development of music within the story. Stories develop, characters develop, music should develop too.

Jeffrey van Rossum

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